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4.7 - Beatrice thinks she understands her father’s...

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Entrapment. We’ve a madhouse. (dadadadada) there’s a madhouse. Overly melancholic. Citadel- it’s a fort. Our job is to guard the citadel. If it’s hard to get in, it’s also hard to get out. How not to socialize women. This is daddy’s little girl being brought up to be perfect, and it doesn’t take. We’ve a sane world with an insane female, and an insane with a sane female. They teach you to associate things with things. Mainly filthy things. She wants to show him her castle. “Dad, can I show him my castle?” Beatrice knows De Flores’s attention is inappropriate. He’s a sleazeball, she doesn’t know how or why, but she knows he’s sleaze. SLEAZE. AND FILTH. Glove rape. Alibius- he who is somewhere else. He’s in a madhouse and he’s not all there. Antonio wants Alibius’s wife. He forces entry by pretending to be insane. Isabella and Beatrice: Honeypots with swarming bees.
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Unformatted text preview: Beatrice thinks she understands her father’s reasoning, but wants what she wants. She pretends she’s intellectual. De Flores: it’s her fault. She’s baiting me. I’m the good guy here. And other ugly guys have gotten women before! It could be syph. Let’s negotiate! Three more days of virginity! Even if she doesn’t love you and thinks of someone else while you’re in bed, the kids are still yours. Alsermo is okay by Beatrice. He’s hot, she’s hot, they should get together. It’s okay! I’ll kill Alonzo! But even if I do, I’d be exiled. Hey wait! Idea! Let’s hire De Flores to do it! That’ll kill Alonzo and make De Flores leave. Nothing can possibly go wrong here. Men are rational beings. When they have had the woman they lust after, they calm down. Women, on the other hand, don’t. And De Flores is creepy. She called me by my name! Cool!...
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