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Newton memo 1 - x sub n f(x sub n-1 f(x sub n-1 in order to...

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Too: Professor McGuff From: Kasey Humphreys, head of Analysis Date: Jan 25, 2008 Re: Advertising Expense for 2008 I am e-mailing you in response to your request that the analysis department obtain some figures regarding our advertising expenses. I am under the influence that you were expecting the profit with regards to advertising expense be 2.5 million and that you would also like for these expenses to be at a minimum. We came to a conclusion that in order to reach a profit of 2.5 million with adveritising expenses between 0 and 60,000 dollars with the lesser of the advertising expenses being more prefferable, it would be reasonable to say that we would expend some where in the neighborhood of 384,356 dollars in advertising expenses.This figure was a conclusion of Newtons Recursion formula. What this does is reapplies the formula
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Unformatted text preview: x sub n - f(x sub n-1)/ f'(x sub n-1) in order to get a good approximation of a y value given an x value that is surmised based on looking at the function and in this case given that our y value equals 2.5 million, drawing a line from that point to the first point at the function and drawing another point directly down. The x value that is assumed is now plugged in to the formula and recalculated until an insignificant decimal repeats itself. x sub n being the assumed x value the neumerator being the function or the curve that we used to get the approximate x value at 2.5 million the denominator being the derivative of the function or the slope of the tangent line of the function F(37.5) Tangent line- Is a line that passes through a single point in the same direction as that point in the line....
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