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Ian Tierson Professor Bloom English 212 Branagh: Henry V and Hamlet Being as Henry V was the first of Branagh’s Shakespearean films; it sets the stage for later films such as Hamlet. There are several things that carry over from one film to the other, for example, Branagh casts himself as the “hero” in both. Overall Branagh seems to focus on maintaining integrity within the film, in Henry V the integrity of the time-period is maintained, and in Hamlet, he maintains the integrity of the original work by creating a four-hour film. It seems that either Branagh is self -centered and egomaniacal, or he has trouble communicating direction for the lead role in his productions, or possibly both. I think he casts himself as the lead role in Henry V in order to best transfer to the screen what Branagh himself pictures of the young king. It is far easier to act something out yourself than it is to try to explain how to act it out to somebody else who may have an entirely different conceptualization of the character in his mind. I believe the motives are similar in Hamlet, although the extended length of the film might suggest Branagh had a desire for more screen time for himself. I will assume that Branagh has little interest in such petty things for the purposes of the essay, but will mention such possibilities throughout. Some intricacies of each character are intertwined, either because Branagh lacks
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Henry V_Brannaugh - Ian Tierson Professor Bloom English 212...

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