The Cultural Phenomenon of YouTube Paper

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Unformatted text preview: e University, poignantly and accurately summarized YouTube’s social significance in a presentation at the Library of Congress in June 2008. That dot. That’s there. That’s somewhere else. That’s everybody. On the other side of that little glass dot is everything you love, everyone you know, and everyone you’ve heard of. Billions of potential viewers and yourself among them. Some have called this the biggest and the smallest stage. The most public space in the world from the privacy of our own homes. It has been used for many things: a political soapbox, a comedian’s stage, a religious pulpit, a teacher’s podium or just a way to reach out to a next door neighbor or across the world. To people we love, people we Gibbons 10 want to love or people we don’t even know. To share something deep or something trivial. Something serious or something funny……It can be many things but it cannot be just one thing. (Wesch) Ultimately, YouTube is what we make of it. Works Cited Burgess, Jean and Joshua Green. Youtube: Online Video and Participatory Culture. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2009. Print Gibbons 11 Greenblatt, Alan. “Future of the Music Industry.” CQ Press 16 February 2007. CQ Researcher. Web. 28 November. 2011. Greenblatt, Alan. “Television’s Future.” CQ Press 21 November. 2003. CQ Researcher. Web. 28 November. 2011. Keen, Andrew. The Cult of the Amateur. New York: Doubleday, 2007. Print Savage, Mark. “How Unsigned Bands Make Money Online.” BBC News. 15 February 2011. Web. 1 December. 2011. Snickars, Pelle and Patrick Vonderau, eds. The Youtube Reader. Stockholm: Mediehistoriskt Arkiv 12, 2009. 9-463. Print. Wesch, Michael. “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.” Online Posting. YouTube. 26 July 2008. Web. 28 November 2011....
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