The Cultural Phenomenon of YouTube Paper

Author andrew keen critic of youtube and other

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Unformatted text preview: ision industry also has copyright laws that protect the intellectual and creative property of networks. A major $1 billion lawsuit involving YouTube and Viacom resulted in the removal of 100,000 videos of Viacom content, such as clips from Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV (Burgess 32). As seen with changes in the music and broadcast industry, the television industry has the potential to be drastically affected by video streaming websites. YouTube provides a platform for television networks to conceptualize and advertise shows, but it also offers means of accessing media content illegally from an outside source. YouTube is a relatively new website and one cannot measure its full effects on industries of the media. As often as YouTube discourages the aforementioned credibility, it also encourages the exposure of the truth. It is a valuable resource for primary accounts of current events and can be a force for change. Many stories covered by large news corporations possess biased attitudes. Recent videos of the Wall Street protests have become viral and first-hand accounts allow everyone with Internet access to view the events and make conscious decisions for themselves. YouTube is not used as a direct source for news. Television broadcasting and online newspapers are popular sources for news and YouTube is a resource that people can utilize if they want to examine different Gibbons 6 sides of an issue more closely. YouTube is a platform for discussion and this can have a positive effect on those who utilize the resource by encouraging thoughtful debate and discussion. It is a valuable resource for communication across the globe YouTube encourages creativity and is, for some, a sense of community if used as a social network. For many users, it is a platform to showcase their various talents. Today there are countless musicians who began their career by posting videos on YouTube. Many people who are not musicians have also had success due to the website. There is a significant degree of self-promotion on YouTube. Notwithstanding, authors Jean Burgess and Joshua Green do not believe that this is necessarily a damaging aspect: In most discussions of user-created content, self-promotion is assumed to be a principal motivation. Amateurs are represented as individualistic, self-expressive producers who are mainly interested in ‘broadcasting themselves,’ rather than engaging in textual productivity means to participation in social networks. As a result, the collective practice of userled content creation is sidelined in favor of individualist narratives of web celebrity and self-expression, rather than an understanding of how amateur video as a whole…… contributes to the production of value in YouTube through its sheer u...
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