The Cultural Phenomenon of YouTube Paper

Website and one cannot measure its full effects on

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Unformatted text preview: biquity and everydayness. (Burgess 29) Users do not always intend to create a viral video. There is not one single format for a popular video. Many artists take advantage of the opportunity for self-promotion and can begin their careers without the help of major record labels. While big businesses, do not necessarily view this as a positive effect of YouTube, aspiring musicians see it as a valuable opportunity. YouTube allows unsigned artists to profit through its partners Gibbons 7 program from advertising. Los Angeles based indie band Pompaloose, has recently achieved success, which includes a featured song in a series of car commercials, through YouTube. Pompaloose’s lead singer Nataly Dawn said of YouTube, “People think YouTube is a place for kittens and puppies and babies and boobs- but it’s really an untapped community and a marketplace. It’s hard to communicate to people who are attached to the old model of the music industry” (Savage). Musicians are not the only individuals who benefit from YouTube’s self-promoting design. Comedians have also gained popularity through the website. After the explosive popularity of Saturday Night Live digital short “Lazy Sunday,” new cast-member Andy Samberg and writing partners Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schnaffer attracted mainstream media attention. Their small video projects, such as a parody of teen drama The O.C. entitled The’Bu led them to jobs writing for MTV and Saturday Night Live (Burgess 22). YouTube has created a completely new genre of “star.” Video-blogging, hereafter known as “vlogging,” is a style of video that is fundamental in the YouTube community. Vloggers account for almost half of the channels in YouTube’s Most Subscribed category. Vloggers comment on a range of topics, from current affairs to celebrity culture. Many of these vloggers, like twenty-three year old Phillip DeFranco, or sxephil, make enough money from YouTube and related projects to sustain a living (Snickars 96). The evolution of YouTube’s own style of video reveals the significant effect that YouTube has had on society. Some believe that the excess of amateur videos celebrates mediocrity. This is a rather pessimistic view of society. There are, however, YouTube “stars” who are famous for their lack of talent and notoriously obnoxious behavior. Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” video has been viewed by over forty-two million people and his status as Gibbons 8 a star is maintained through his ongoing participation in the YouTube c...
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