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Ian Tierson Ch. 2 – Answer the following questions: 1. What is a primary source and how is it different from a secondary source? A primary source is a source where information has been directly recorded from specific observation. For example, the write up of a study is a primary source. A secondary source is based on a primary source. For example, a journal article based on a study’s findings is a secondary source. 2. What is the purpose of a literature search? Literature searches serve to identify gaps in a knowledge base. Ch. 16 – Answer the following question: 1. Print out a copy of the Ruback & Juieng (1997) article (under “Course Documents” in the “Articles for Research Projects/Papers” folder on the PSYC 200 Blackboard).
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Unformatted text preview: Locate the major elements of an APA style research report that are described in Ch. 16 of the Gravetter & Forzano text on pp. 433-447 (e.g., title, abstract, introduction, etc.) and mark them on the article. Briefly describe any major differences that you notice between what is described in your textbook and the way that the actual article is organized. The article contains three studies, and each has its own introductions, methods, results, and discussions. However, the third study does not have any of these. Over all, with the exception of the third study, the article is laid out very similarly to the books outline....
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