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hwExtra - came looking for him to go out for dinner Homer...

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Ian Tierson Extinction: Read Chapter 9 69) Describe the basic behavioral and emotional consequences of extinction. The two basic behavioral effects are an increase in response variability and decreases in the rate of responding. The emotional consequence of extinction is frustration. 70) What is the partial reinforcement extinction effect? The PREE is a transition from continuous reinforcement to intermittent and eventually to a complete lack of reinforcement. This results in fewer frustrative aggression episodes. 72) Marge and her husband Homer went to Las Vegas on vacation. Marge was not interested in gambling and decided to take a nap while Homer visited the casino. Homer decided to play the $5 black jack table. To his surprise, he got a black jack on the first hand and won $7.50. The thrill of winning was fantastic and he bet another $5 on the next hand. He lost that hand and was disappointed. He continued to play for the next two hours, until Marge
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Unformatted text preview: came looking for him to go out for dinner. Homer did not want to leave. He was down $25 but felt his luck was changing. Reluctantly Homer left with Marge for dinner and insisted on returning to the casino following dinner. He decided to try his luck at the $10 table and grew excited when the first card he received was an ace. a. What does Homer find so reinforcing about playing black jack? Variable ratio reinforcement schedules produce stronger repetition of behavior without reinforcement. b. What schedule of reinforcement was responsible for Homer’s high level of black jack playing? Variable ratio c. What might cause Homer to stop playing black jack? The closing of the casino. d. What does the partial reinforcement extinction effect predict about Homer’s likelihood to stop playing black jack? The intermittent winnings will keep him playing through long strings of losses....
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