Address is dseax description the monitor instruction

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Unformatted text preview: ove r32 to r/m32. Move r64 to r/m64. Move r/m8 to r8. Move r/m8 to r8. Move r/m16 to r16. Move r/m32 to r32. Move r/m64 to r64. Move segment register to r/m16. Move zero extended 16bit segment register to r/m64. Move r/m16 to segment register. Move lower 16 bits of r/m64 to segment register. Move byte at (seg:offset) to AL. Move byte at (offset) to AL. Move word at (seg:offset) to AX. Move doubleword at (seg:offset) to EAX. Move quadword at (offset) to RAX. Move AL to (seg:offset). Move AL to (offset). Move AX to (seg:offset). Move EAX to (seg:offset). Move RAX to (offset). Move imm8 to r8. 8E /r REX.W + 8E /r MOV Sreg,r/m16** MOV Sreg,r/m64** Valid Valid Valid Valid A0 REX.W + A0 A1 A1 REX.W + A1 A2 REX.W + A2 A3 A3 REX.W + A3 B0+ rb MOV AL,moffs8* MOV AL,moffs8* MOV AX,moffs16* MOV EAX,moffs32* MOV RAX,moffs64* MOV moffs8,AL MOV moffs8***,AL MOV moffs16*,AX MOV moffs32*,EAX MOV moffs64*,RAX MOV r8, imm8 Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid N.E. Valid Valid N.E. Valid N.E. Valid Valid N.E. Valid Vol. 2 3-591 INSTRUCTION SET REFERENCE, A-M Opcode REX + B0+ rb B8+ rw B8+ rd REX.W + B8+ rd C6 /0 REX + C6 /0 C7 /0 C7 /0 REX.W + C7 /0 Instruction MOV r8***, imm8 MOV r16, imm16 MOV r32, imm32 MOV r64, imm64 MOV r/m8, imm8 MOV r/m8***, imm8 MOV r/m16, imm16 MOV r/m32, imm32 MOV r/m64, imm32 64-Bit Mode Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Valid Compat/ Leg Mode N.E. Valid Valid N.E. Valid N.E. Valid Valid N.E. Description Move imm8 to r8. Move imm16 to r16. Move imm32 to r32. Move imm64 to r64. Move imm8 to r/m8. Move imm8 to r/m8. Move imm16 to r/m16. Move imm32 to r/m32. Move imm32 sign extended to 64-bits to r/m64. NOTES: * The moffs8, moffs16, moffs32 and moffs64 operands specify a simple offset relative to the segment base, where 8, 16, 32 and 64 refer to the size of the data. The address-size attribute of the instruction determines the size of the offset, either 16, 32 or 64 bits. ** In 32-bit mode, the assembler may insert the 16-bit operand-size prefix with this instruction (see the following "Description" section for further information). ***In 64-bit mode, r/m8 can not be encoded to access the following byte registers if a REX prefix is used: AH, BH, CH, DH. Description Copies the second operand (source operand) to the first operand (destination operand). The source operand can be an immediate value, general-purpose register, segment register, or memory location; the destination register can be a generalpurpose register, segment register, or memory location. Both operands must be the same size, which can be a byte, a word, or a doubleword. The MOV instruction cannot be used to load the CS register. Attempting to do so results in an invalid opcode exception (#UD). To load the CS register, use the far JMP, CALL, or RET instruction. If the destination operand is a segment register (DS, ES, FS, GS, or SS), the source operand must be a valid segment selector. In protected mode, moving a segme...
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