It is cleared the cf pf af sf and of flags are set

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Unformatted text preview: he current privilege level is 3. 3-150 Vol. 2 INSTRUCTION SET REFERENCE, A-M CMPXCHG8B/CMPXCHG16B--Compare and Exchange Bytes Opcode* 0F C7 /1 m64 Instruction CMPXCHG8B m64 64-Bit Mode Valid Compat/ Leg Mode Valid* Description Compare EDX:EAX with m64. If equal, set ZF and load ECX:EBX into m64. Else, clear ZF and load m64 into EDX:EAX. Compare RDX:RAX with m128. If equal, set ZF and load RCX:RBX into m128. Else, clear ZF and load m128 into RDX:RAX. REX.W + 0F C7 /1 m128 CMPXCHG16B m128 Valid N.E. NOTES: * See IA-32 Architecture Compatibility section below. Description Compares the 64-bit value in EDX:EAX (or 128-bit value in RDX:RAX if operand size is 128 bits) with the operand (destination operand). If the values are equal, the 64-bit value in ECX:EBX (or 128-bit value in RCX:RBX) is stored in the destination operand. Otherwise, the value in the destination operand is loaded into EDX:EAX (or RDX:RAX). The destination operand is an 8-byte memory location (or 16-byte memory location if operand size is 128 bits). For the EDX:EAX and ECX:EBX register pairs, EDX and ECX contain the high-order 32 bits and EAX and EBX contain the loworder 32 bits of a 64-bit value. For the RDX:RAX and RCX:RBX register pairs, RDX and RCX contain the high-order 64 bits and RAX and RBX contain the low-order 64bits of a 128-bit value. This instruction can be used with a LOCK prefix to allow the instruction to be executed atomically. To simplify the interface to the processor's bus, the destination operand receives a write cycle without regard to the result of the comparison. The destination operand is written back if the comparison fails; otherwise, the source operand is written into the destination. (The processor never produces a locked read without also producing a locked write.) In 64-bit mode, default operation size is 64 bits. Use of the REX.W prefix promotes operation to 128 bits. Note that CMPXCHG16B requires that the destination (memory) operand be 16-byte aligned. See the summary chart at the beginning of this section for encoding data and limits. For information on the CPUID flag that indicates CMPXCHG16B, see page 3-172. IA-32 Architecture Compatibility This instruction encoding is not supported on Intel processors earlier than the Pentium processors. Vol. 2 3-151 INSTRUCTION SET REFERENCE, A-M Operation IF (64-Bit Mode and OperandSize = 64) THEN IF (RDX:RAX = DEST) ZF 1; DEST RCX:RBX; ELSE ZF 0; RDX:RAX DEST; FI ELSE IF (EDX:EAX = DEST) ZF 1; DEST ECX:EBX; ELSE ZF 0; EDX:EAX DEST; FI; FI; Flags Affected The ZF flag is set if the destination operand and EDX:EAX are equal; otherwise it is cleared. The CF, PF, AF, SF, and OF flags are unaffected. Protected Mode Exceptions #UD #GP(0) If the destination operand is not a memory location. If the destination is located in a non-writable segment. If a memory operand effective address is outside the CS, DS, ES, FS, or GS segment limit. If the DS, ES, FS, or GS register contains a NULL segment selector. #SS(0) #PF(fault...
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