Pentium pro pentium ii pentium ii xeon pentium iii

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Unformatted text preview: een memory and the general-purpose and segment registers. They also perform specific operations such as conditional moves, stack access, and data conversion. MOV Move data between general-purpose registers; move data between memory and general-purpose or segment registers; move immediates to generalpurpose registers Conditional move if equal/Conditional move if zero Conditional move if not equal/Conditional move if not zero Conditional move if above/Conditional move if not below or equal Conditional move if above or equal/Conditional move if not below Conditional move if below/Conditional move if not above or equal Conditional move if below or equal/Conditional move if not above Conditional move if greater/Conditional move if not less or equal Conditional move if greater or equal/Conditional move if not less Conditional move if less/Conditional move if not greater or equal Conditional move if less or equal/Conditional move if not greater Conditional move if carry Conditional move if not carry Conditional move if overflow Conditional move if not overflow Conditional move if sign (negative) Conditional move if not sign (non-negative) Conditional move if parity/Conditional move if parity even CMOVE/CMOVZ CMOVNE/CMOVNZ CMOVA/CMOVNBE CMOVAE/CMOVNB CMOVB/CMOVNAE CMOVBE/CMOVNA CMOVG/CMOVNLE CMOVGE/CMOVNL CMOVL/CMOVNGE CMOVLE/CMOVNG CMOVC CMOVNC CMOVO CMOVNO CMOVS CMOVNS CMOVP/CMOVPE Vol. 1 5-3 INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY CMOVNP/CMOVPO XCHG BSWAP XADD CMPXCHG CMPXCHG8B PUSH POP PUSHA/PUSHAD POPA/POPAD CWD/CDQ CBW/CWDE MOVSX MOVZX Conditional move if not parity/Conditional move if parity odd Exchange Byte swap Exchange and add Compare and exchange Compare and exchange 8 bytes Push onto stack Pop off of stack Push general-purpose registers onto stack Pop general-purpose registers from stack Convert word to doubleword/Convert doubleword to quadword Convert byte to word/Convert word to doubleword in EAX register Move and sign extend Move and zero extend 5.1.2 Binary Arithmetic Instructions The binary arithmetic instructions perform basic binary integer computations on byte, word, and doubleword integers located in memory and/or the general purpose registers. ADD ADC SUB SBB IMUL MUL IDIV DIV INC DEC NEG CMP Integer add Add with carry Subtract Subtract with borrow Signed multiply Unsigned multiply Signed divide Unsigned divide Increment Decrement Negate Compare 5-4 Vol. 1 INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY 5.1.3 Decimal Arithmetic Instructions The decimal arithmetic instructions perform decimal arithmetic on binary coded decimal (BCD) data. DAA DAS AAA AAS AAM AAD Decimal adjust after addition Decimal adjust after subtraction ASCII adjust after addition ASCII adjust after subtraction ASCII adjust after multiplication ASCII adjust before division 5.1.4 Logical Instructions The logical instructions perform basic AND, OR, XOR, and NOT logical operations on byte, word, and doubleword values. AND OR XOR NOT Perform bitwise logical AND Perform bitwise logical OR Perform bitwise logic...
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