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Following introduce each subgroup for more detailed

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Unformatted text preview: al exclusive OR Perform bitwise logical NOT 5.1.5 Shift and Rotate Instructions The shift and rotate instructions shift and rotate the bits in word and doubleword operands. SAR SHR SAL/SHL SHRD SHLD ROR ROL RCR RCL Shift arithmetic right Shift logical right Shift arithmetic left/Shift logical left Shift right double Shift left double Rotate right Rotate left Rotate through carry right Rotate through carry left Vol. 1 5-5 INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY 5.1.6 Bit and Byte Instructions Bit instructions test and modify individual bits in word and doubleword operands. Byte instructions set the value of a byte operand to indicate the status of flags in the EFLAGS register. BT BTS BTR BTC BSF BSR SETE/SETZ SETNE/SETNZ SETA/SETNBE Bit test Bit test and set Bit test and reset Bit test and complement Bit scan forward Bit scan reverse Set byte if equal/Set byte if zero Set byte if not equal/Set byte if not zero Set byte if above/Set byte if not below or equal SETAE/SETNB/SETNC Set byte if above or equal/Set byte if not below/Set byte if not carry SETB/SETNAE/SETC Set byte if below/Set byte if not above or equal/Set byte if carry SETBE/SETNA SETG/SETNLE SETGE/SETNL SETL/SETNGE SETLE/SETNG SETS SETNS SETO SETNO SETPE/SETP SETPO/SETNP TEST Set byte if below or equal/Set byte if not above Set byte if greater/Set byte if not less or equal Set byte if greater or equal/Set byte if not less Set byte if less/Set byte if not greater or equal Set byte if less or equal/Set byte if not greater Set byte if sign (negative) Set byte if not sign (non-negative) Set byte if overflow Set byte if not overflow Set byte if parity even/Set byte if parity Set byte if parity odd/Set byte if not parity Logical compare 5-6 Vol. 1 INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY 5.1.7 Control Transfer Instructions The control transfer instructions provide jump, conditional jump, loop, and call and return operations to control program flow. JMP JE/JZ JNE/JNZ JA/JNBE JAE/JNB JB/JNAE JBE/JNA JG/JNLE JGE/JNL JL/JNGE JLE/JNG JC JNC JO JNO JS JNS JPO/JNP JPE/JP JCXZ/JECXZ LOOP LOOPZ/LOOPE LOOPNZ/LOOPNE CALL RET IRET INT Jump Jump if equal/Jump if zero Jump if not equal/Jump if not zero Jump if above/Jump if not below or equal Jump if above or equal/Jump if not below Jump if below/Jump if not above or equal Jump if below or equal/Jump if not above Jump if greater/Jump if not less or equal Jump if greater or equal/Jump if not less Jump if less/Jump if not greater or equal Jump if less or equal/Jump if not greater Jump if carry Jump if not carry Jump if overflow Jump if not overflow Jump if sign (negative) Jump if not sign (non-negative) Jump if parity odd/Jump if not parity Jump if parity even/Jump if parity Jump register CX zero/Jump register ECX zero Loop with ECX counter Loop with ECX and zero/Loop with ECX and equal Loop with ECX and not zero/Loop with ECX and not equal Call procedure Return Return from interrupt Software interrupt Vol. 1 5-7 INSTRUCTION SET SUMMARY INTO BOUND ENTER LEAVE Interrupt on overflow Detect value out...
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