Saving sse and sse2 state 11 30 saving xmm register

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Unformatted text preview: t-result (precision), 8-42 interaction of SIMD and x87 FPU floating-point exceptions, 11-26 invalid arithmetic operand, 8-36, 8-38 MS-DOS compatibility mode, D-1 numeric overflow, 8-40 numeric underflow, 8-41 software handling, 8-45 stack overflow, 8-7, 8-36 stack underflow, 8-7, 8-36, 8-37 summary of, 8-34 synchronization, 8-43 x87 FPU instructions arithmetic vs. non-arithmetic instructions, 8-35 basic arithmetic, 8-25 comparison and classification, 8-26 control, 8-32 data transfer, 8-22 exponential, 8-31 instruction set, 8-22 load constant, 8-24 logarithmic, 8-31 operands, 8-22 overview, 8-22 Vol. 1 INDEX-17 INDEX save and restore state, 8-32 scale, 8-31 transcendental, 8-31 transitions between x87 FPU and MMX code, 9-12 trigonometric, 8-29 unsupported, 8-34 x87 FPU status word condition code flags, 8-6 DE flag, 8-39 description of, 8-6 exception flags, 8-7 OE flag, 8-40 PE flag, 8-7 stack fault flag, 8-9 TOP field, 8-3 top of stack (TOP) pointer, 8-6 x87 FPU tag word, 8-12, 9-12 XADD instruction, 7-6 XCHG instruction, 7-5 XLAT/XLATB instruction, 7-32 XMM registers 64-bit mode, 3-6 description, 10-4 FXSAVE and FXRSTOR instructions, 11-34 overview of, 3-3 parameters passing in, 11-34 saving on a procedure or function call, 11-34 XOR instruction, 7-14 XORPD instruction, 11-10 XORPS instruction, 10-13 Z ZE (divide by zero exception) flag x87 FPU status word, 8-7, 8-40 ZE (divide by zero exception) flag bit MXCSR register, 11-22 Zero, floating-point format, 4-6, 4-18 ZF (zero) flag, EFLAGS register, 3-21, A-1 ZM (divide by zero exception) mask bit MXCSR register, 11-22 x87 FPU control word, 8-11, 8-40 INDEX-18 Vol. 1 INTEL SALES OFFICES ASIA PACIFIC Australia Intel Corp. Level 2 448 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia Fax:613-9862 5599 China Intel Corp. Rm 709, Shaanxi Zhongda Int'l Bldg No.30 Nandajie Street Xian AX710002 China Fax:(86 29) 7203356 Intel Corp. Rm 2710, Metropolian Tower 68 Zourong Rd Chongqing CQ 400015 China Intel Corp. C1, 15 Flr, Fujian Oriental Hotel No. 96 East Street Fuzhou FJ 350001 China Intel Corp. Rm 5803 CITIC Plaza 233 Tianhe Rd Guangzhou GD 510613 China Intel Corp. Rm 1003, Orient Plaza No. 235 Huayuan Street Nangang District Harbin HL 150001 China Intel Corp. Rm 1751 World Trade Center, No 2 Han Zhong Rd Nanjing JS 210009 China Intel Corp. Hua Xin International Tower 215 Qing Nian St. ShenYang LN 110015 China Intel Corp. Suite 1128 CITIC Plaza Jinan 150 Luo Yuan St. Jinan SN China Intel Corp. Suite 412, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza 31, Zong Fu Street Chengdu SU 610041 China Fax:86-28-6785965 Intel Corp. Room 0724, White Rose Hotel No 750, MinZhu Road WuChang District Wuhan UB 430071 China India Intel Corp. Paharpur Business Centre 21 Nehru Place New Delhi DH 110019 India Intel Corp. Hotel Rang Sharda, 6th Floor Bandra Reclamation Mumbai MH 400050 India Fax:91-22-6415578 Intel Corp. DBS Corporate Club 31A Cathedral Garden Road Chennai TD 600034 India Intel Corp. DBS Corporate Club 2nd Floor, 8 A.A.C. Bose Road Calcutta WB...
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