Week 6 Staffing Decisions

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Unformatted text preview: den of proof shifts to employer once AI is demonstrated 39 Distributional Differences and Bias Distributional Differences and Bias Group mean differences • • • • Biased samples Differ on trait Test items require experience one group may not have Test administration conditions Systematic measurement error • Influence of a third variable on one group more than the other 40 BFOQs BFOQs “Bona­Fide Occupational Qualifications” • Abilities or characteristics that are truly necessary for job performance May seem discriminatory, but are valid requirements Examples : • • Prison Guards, Mall Santa Clause, restroom attendant, cleric. Hooters? 41 Score banding Score banding Individuals with similar test scores grouped together in category (score band) Selection within band made based on other considerations Controversial 42 Score Banding Score Banding Standard error of measurement (SEM) Provides measure of amount of error in a test score distribution Function of reliability of test & variability of test scores 43 Score Banding Score Banding Fixed band system Candidates in lower bands not considered until higher bands have been exhausted Sliding band system Permits band to be moved down a score point when highest score in a band is exhausted 44 Affirmative Action Affirmative Action Voluntary, proactive plan to recruit more minorities into the workforce Goals: Correct for past under­representation No law requiring AA, but are gov’t incentives Correct present inequities Compensate for past inequities (consent decrees fall here) Provide role models Promote diversity No quotas or score adjustments! (usually) 45 Affirmative Action Affirmative Action Cannot “trammel” the rights of the majority. What are some things that would be acceptable in most circumstances? 46...
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