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The Effects of Emasculation on Modern Society Thesis: Feminism has caused society to undervalue masculine traits such as chivalry. Ian Tierson 5/7/2009 Professor Mahar College Writing
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Tierson 2 The current societal movement of the last four decades to provide equal rights for women is a positive thing that will result in the betterment of the world. However, the loss of masculinity, and the political correctness associated with the feminist movement, will inevitably cause the downfall of society. Women should be treated equally to men; this is true. However, it is similar to the issue of religion and the government. Freedom of religion does not mean the country has to be devoid of religion. It means quite the opposite. It means that all should freely express religion; so it should be with gender. Freedom among the sexes does not mean that the sexes should be indiscernible from each other. This point is most aptly proven by a recent event in the city of Rochester. A man and woman were walking through a rough part of the city late at night when they were approached by another man. This other fellow came up to the couple and told them to empty their pockets, claiming to have a gun. They complied. The man, who supposedly, had a gun told the other guy to leave. The other guy turned and fled. After the guy fled the scene, the armed criminal dragged the woman behind a building and brutally raped her in a
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argumentessay_FINAL_CUT - The Effects of Emasculation on...

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