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Quizzes 10 3 homework problem sets

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Unformatted text preview: current EGG topic (10%) –  aYendance/clicker quizzes (10%) –  3 homework problem sets (15% total) let’s test the clicker system •  Set your clicker to Channel 41 –  This will be the channel we will use all semester Are you currently here? A.  Yes B.  No C.  I don’t know where I am? We will use clickers for real star6ng Thursday •  Thursday: quiz on this lecture material at beginning of lecture –  Be on 6me terms •  defini6on of fitness –  the survival + reproduc6ve success of an individual •  can be defined over >1 genera6on •  ogen use fitness proxies – traits that are posi6vely correlated with fitness, examples? •  defini6on of ecology –  back in the day: how organisms live in nature •  this has become physiological ecology, behavioral ecology –  these days – the above but also (and more empha6cally) – the distribu6on of species and communi6es across space and 6me in the environment •  ecologically important traits = traits important for fitness –  examples? adapta6on, phenotypic evolu6on •  adapta6on/phenoypic evolu6on in current popula6ons (ex6nct popula6ons can also be studied) –  defini6on of phenotypic evolu6on – a change in a phenotypic trait due to gene6c change from one genera6on to the next or over mul6ple genera6ons •  popula6on gene6c defini6on of evolu6on: a change in allele frequency in a popula6on from one genera6on to the next –  4 processes can cause this •  muta6on •  gene6c drig •  migra6on •  natural (and sexual) selec6on –  red = closely related to ecology adapta6on •  defini6on of adapta6on –  phenotypic evolu6on that increases fitness in an environment Brood parasitism •  some examples? Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) File:Clown_fish_in_the_Andaman_Coral_Reef.jpg 2012/07/cuckoos-evolution-ofparasitic-arms.html adapta6on •  of the 4 causal processes listed above –  only natural selec6on can cause adapta6on –  the other three can affect the rate of adapta6on but do not cause adapta6ons to evolve an example •  deer mice and beetles are part of each others’ bio6c environment & deer mice prey on beetles –  the presence of deer mice could cause beetles that are able to secrete more defense chemicals to have higher fitness than those that secrete lower levels of these chemicals •  provided that the chemicals deter pred...
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