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Study Guide Test 1

Study Guide Test 1 - WBC INR Cholesterol(total LDL HdL...

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Normal changes of the respiratory system Average life expectancy (US) Country with the oldest population Percentage of older adults in nursing homes Cross-link theory Free radical theory Stochastic theory Immunologic theory Activity Theory Non-stochastic theories Gender differences in health perception How do nutritional needs change with aging? What is the difference between health and wellness? Normal changes in vision with age (book) KATZ index Buhler Index Lab Values to know: Potassium BUN Creat ESR Albumin (what happens as we age, what are the implications for medication administration?) HGB HCT Sodium Glucose (when might someone be considered diabetic?)
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Unformatted text preview: WBC INR Cholesterol (total, LDL, HdL) Signs and symptoms of anemia Changes in the WBC functioning of older adults Tooth loss in older adults – how common is it? Baroreceptor function with aging/ Syncope The type of incontinence most associated with stroke Mental health needs of older adults (book) Denial Alcoholism in the older adult (book) Group with the highest suicide rate Normal skin changes with aging Functional assessment (what is that? What types of questions would you ask?) Presbycussis Aging changes in the GI system Constipation in the older adult GFR Differences between delirium and dementia...
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