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Plasmodesmata conneconsbetweencells

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Unformatted text preview: the tree) rela*ve to other taxa early land plant *me line •  ~500 mya the ancestral land plant evolves from a green alga species living in shallow freshwater •  lycophytes (club mosses and related groups) and pteridophytes (horsetails, ferns, others) appear 409‐354 mya (Devonian period) •  Forests of lycophytes, some 40m tall dominated during the Carboniferous period (360‐300 mya) –  dominant land life form for ~200 my –  became coal deposits in N. America, Europe, elsewhere h[p://archive.fieldmuseum.org/ research_collec*ons/ecp/ecp_sites/NPI_web/ models_images/geo75400.JPG land plant fossil record •  vascular plants fossilize be[er, appear in the fossil record before nonvascular plants •  DNA evidence provides evidence that nonvascular plants predated vascular plants –  this is the accepted view •  ancient microfossils have cellular morphology similar to modern day liverworts Mosses...
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