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Unformatted text preview: y actually increase reproducGve rate •  recall that in logisGc growth, maximum r is when populaGon is well below K in size •  aKempted “biological control” soluGons can go tragically wrong cane toad poisonous to all predators at all stages very high r naGve range introduced range best way to control pests •  reduce K –  e.g. rats, raccoons, etc.: eliminate human- associated food sources hKp:// the human populaGon •  6.5 billion 7 billion •  to get to 1 billion CO2? fresh water? arable land? species? –  took >10,000 years •  to get from 1 to 7 billion –  took 127 years textbook p.1181 "If half the people alive today were to mysteriously vanish overnight, there would sGll be more than twice as many people on Earth as there were in 1900." hKp:// hKp:// content/uploads/2008/12/hoboken- life- magazine- world- war- i.jpg community ecology •  much more later from Prof. Wiens •  basically: the group of organisms interacGng (obviously or non- obviously) in a habitat –  many aspects/complexiGes of defining this in pracGce •  here: one important factor determining community structure and dynamics •  COMPETITION hKp:// nov/04/south- africa- rhino- poaching- record- high if two species use the same resource AND resource is limiGng: => COMPETITION affects populaGon density of both species; => affects structure of the community plants compeGng for sunlight hKp:// compeGGon (- /- interacGon) •  seldom independent from (+/- ) interacGons (predaGon, herbivory, parasiGsm) –  more on these next lecture •  predators in the same community oren prey on same species •  prey in the same community may be preyed on, parasiGzed by same predators, parasites –  density of one prey species affects predaGon/ parasiGsm on the other species intra- vs. interspecific compeGGon •  intraspecific –  among individuals of the same species •  has strong affects on births and death rates of growth as discussed previously •  common in sexually reproducing animals: sexual selecGon •  interspecific –  among individuals of different species hKp:// administra...
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