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Unformatted text preview: irective leadership • Much more comfortable with “scientific management” style • Comes as result of the military background of this group • Very conformist, little place for individual style Baby Boomers (1944 – 1963) Baby Boomers (1944 – 1963) now between 41 – 60 years old McCarthy Hearings ’54 The Pill ’60 Assassinations of JFK (’63) and MLK (’68) Civil Rights (Rosa Parks ’55) (March on Washington ’63) • Vietnam ’65 • Man on the Moon ‘69 • • • • Baby Boomers – Values and Work Baby Boomers – Values and Work Ethic • • • • • • Optimism Team Orientation Personal Growth Personal Gratification Health and Wellness Involvement • Service Oriented • Driven by the legacy of World War II • Uncomfortable with conflict • Can be overly sensitive to feedback • Can be judgmental of those who see things differently Management style for the Boomers? Management style for the Boomers? • While Organizational Behavioral modifications really began to sink in with the Boomers, they largely responded well (and still do) to “scientific”, directive style of leadership • However, desire to see a more referent model begins to emerge Looking around… Looking around… • How many of you are described in the previous groups? • Interesting in the fact that the values and work ethic of the Veterans and Boomers are natural outgrowths of the previous Now… Now… • Let’s focus our attention on the groups that our main discussion is based upon… • Generation X • Generation Y • • • • • • • • • • Generation X (1964 – 1980) Generation X (1964 – 1980) now between 24 and 40 years old Women’s Liberation Movement ’70 Watergate and the Energy Crisis ’73 Tandy and Apple personal computers ’76 Three Mile Island ’79 66 American Hostages in Iran ’79 John Lennon Shot and Reagan Inaugurated ’80­81 MTV ‘81 AIDS ’84 Challenger Disaster ’86 “Latch key kids” Generation X – Values and Work Generation X – Values and Work Ethic • • • • • • • Diversity Thinking globally Balance Techno­literacy Fun Informality Self­reliance • “differently oriented toward work” • “just a job” • Flexible hours, informal work environment, just the right amount of supervision • Multi­tasking • Give them lots to do and freedom to do it their way What makes them tick? What makes them tick? • They tend to avoid corporate politics – they have no orientation for this • They are generally not very interested in traditional perks but (WARNING!!!) they will bail out if they see Boomers getting excessive perks • They are usually motivated by the prospect of independence, the lack of corporate structure, a lack of rigidity, and the latest technological advances How do you teach, train and orient How do you teach, train and orient them? • Does your department or facility use Web­based training? • This group is not afraid to ask questions • Say at...
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