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Unformatted text preview: Communicator” • Their morality is an outgrowth of being raised in more conservative times • They have largely known prosperous times (despite a few hiccups in the early ’90s) • They desire a good education so that they can make their mark • Really, they are the Veterans in a different generation What will make them seek out What will make them seek out greener pastures? • They respect legitimate authority, but they will follow referent authority • Work does not bother them, but it needs to be meaningful, not just busy work • Overemphasis on outward appearance – not overall neatness, but picky on insignificant matters • Perceived disrespect of their youth • • • • • Our driving question is how do we appeal to Our driving question is how do we appeal to these groups to enter allied health professions? The American Hospital Association issued a significant statement of interim positions a few years back entitled Workforce Supply for Hospital and Health Systems which outlined some interesting recommendations for recruitment Even the New England Journal of Medicine realized the need to appeal to this group as they broaden their reach to undergraduates reaching towards medical school – introduced a online newsletter geared specifically towards Gen X and Y entitled The Next Generation What are we doing to broaden our outreach? Are we going to high schools, middle schools, even elementary schools to start planting the seeds? While we are still a high touch group of professionals, we also need to play up our rapid ascension into high technology and the need for those who can balance the two How do our various organizational websites look when it comes to appealing to those that we potentially want to recruit? (Some members of these generations have “webmaster” skills that could put us all to shame) What practical steps workedin the past to What practical steps worked in the past to retain younger employees? • We had the luxury of having a technologist training program at my previous facility • We routinely identified excellent candidates from our school to come on board as graduate technologists • We consistently communicated to them that they were valued members of our team, even as students • And, as a result, we had the luxury of having more qualified candidates for positions than positions available • Provided excellent technology for folks to work with – PACS, CR, DR, and in 2003, the health system completed a system wide “go live” that will pave the way for automated clinical and financial processes (EMRs, real time diagnostic results, CPOE) – our efforts garnered a “Most Improved” in a survey of “The 100 Most Wired Hospitals and Health Care Networks” How did we keep them? How did we keep them? • Retention “scholarships” – in exchange for a year of employment, we reimburse them for tuition, books, uniform expenses, and a couple of coins towards the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists registry...
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