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Unformatted text preview: examination • Immediately involve them in QC/PI initiatives in the department, and give feedback to their contribution towards meeting organizational goals • Rotating opportunities to be a part of a peer interviewing group Encouraged membership in a Encouraged membership in a Service Quality Committee • This group volunteered to meet weekly to go over issues that impact the quality of the department’s service delivery • Those who volunteer have to go through an interview process with the existing committee members, and they have to commit to regular and meaningful attendance and participation What was the impact of this group? What was the impact of this group? • Created “90 Day Party” for all employees of the service, where the employee is thanked for being one of our care partners, and gives opportunity for folks to interact with others and department leadership • Conducted an Imaging Services employee opinion survey to look at areas of concern – worked to address them. Hospital did general employee survey six months later, and Imaging was one of the strongest areas in the facility in employee satisfaction • Continued emphasis on good communication – instrumental in creating e­mail accounts for all service partners, and also creating the parameters to make sure that they are being appropriately utilized What is the impact…(cont’d)? What is the impact…(cont’d)? • This group was not afraid to ask tough questions or tackle tough subjects – questioned Human Resources on creating a more coordinated recruiting effort; questioned the VP of Human Resources on the provision of domestic partners’ benefits; grilled the senior department leadership on various subjects • Most importantly, they injected fun into the service again! So, what have we learned? So, what have we learned? • • • • • • Really, the kids are alright! Forget scientific management – the days of “I tell, you do”, are over Referent leadership, with appropriate balance between boss and team member Give the kids the chance to succeed, with the appropriate tools needed to get the job done, and they will do it If you believe the stereotypes and media hype, you will miss out on the next great generation of hard workers, willing to sacrifice and make contributions – however, take consideration of their values Create your own practical approach to applying OB to your folks, and don’t miss an opportunity to let them know how much they are appreciated Questions? Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the conference! • References ­ Generations At Work – Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers and Nexters in Your Workplace, by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, and Bob Filipczak, 2000 ­ American Generations: Who They Are, How They Live, What They Think, by Susan Mitchell, 1999 ­ Managing Generation Y – Global Citizens Born in the Late Seventies and Early Eighties, by Carolyn A. Martin, Ph.D., and Bruce Tulgan, 2001 ­ Beyond Generation X, by Claire Raines, 1997 ­ Workforce Supply for Hospitals and Health Systems, American Hospital Association Strategic Policy Planning Committee, January 23, 2001 ­ The Next Generation, edited by Lester Y. Leung, New England Journal of Medicine ­ New Generation, New Politics, by Anna Greenberg, taken from The American Prospect, Volume 14, No. 9, October 1, 2003 ­ Law Firms Mull the ‘Gen Y’ Equation, by Leigh Jones, The National Law Journal, March 2, 2005 Special thanks to: ­ Martin Isganitis, Staff Development and Service Excellence Spet, DeKalb Medical Center, Decatur, GA ­ The Imaging Services Service Quality Committee of DeKalb Medical Center, Starla Longfellow, RT(R), Manager, Imaging Services and Group Facilitator ­ Susan L. Moore, BBA, RT(R), Assistant Director, Radiology, Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA...
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