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Unformatted text preview: ­ The Next Generation, edited by Lester Y. Leung, New England Journal of Medicine ­ New Generation, New Politics, by Anna Greenberg, taken from The American Prospect, Volume 14, No. 9, October 1, 2003 ­ Law Firms Mull the ‘Gen Y’ Equation, by Leigh Jones, The National Law Journal, March 2, 2005 Special thanks to: ­ Martin Isganitis, Staff Development and Service Excellence Spet, DeKalb Medical Center, Decatur, GA ­ The Imaging Services Service Quality Committee of DeKalb Medical Center, Starla Longfellow, RT(R), Manager, Imaging Services and Group Facilitator ­ Susan L. Moore, BBA, RT(R), Assistant Director, Radiology, Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA...
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