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Unformatted text preview: long­term cycles have been observed in everything from the threshold for tooth pain to conception rates. Folklore holds that our moods follow similar rhythms, particularly in response to seasonal changes and, in women, to menstrual changes. But do they? 45 45 Does the Menstrual Cycle Affect Moods? Controversy has raged about one well­ known long­term rhythm, the monthly female menstrual cycle. 46 46 Does the Season Affect Moods? Clinicians report that some people become depressed every winter, when periods of daylight are short, and improve in mood each spring, as daylight increases This pattern that has come to be known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) The actual incidence is rare – less than 1% lifetime prevalence in the U.S. 47 47 Does Testosterone Affect Moods The notion that hormones affect mood and performance has rarely been extended to men. Men’s hormones also fluctuate in a cyclical manner. There may be a bias to attribute women’s moods to hormones, but not men’s Little work has been done on men’s mood/ testosterone fluctuations 48 48 Questions? 49 49...
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