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Triarchic theory componentsakaanalytic

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Unformatted text preview: ment has a strong effect 34 34 Attitudes and Intellectual Success Asian children score higher on standard math tests than American children. Differences: • Americans are more likely than Asians to believe that math ability is innate. • Americans have far lower standards for their children. • Asian children value education more highly than Americans. 35 35 Animal Minds 36 36 Animal Minds Animal Intelligence Animals and Language Thinking About the Thinking of Animals 37 37 Animal Intelligence Cognitive Ethology: • The study of cognitive processes in nonhuman animals. Studies in cognitive ethology have shown evidence that some animals can • • • Anticipate future events Use numbers to label quantities Coordinate activities with other animals 38 38 Animals and Language Language is a critical element of human cognition Many animal species can be taught to communicate in ways that resemble language • Chimpanzees and Bonobos converse using American Sign Language and symbol board systems • An African grey parrot has been taught to count, classify, and compare objects using English words Whether these behaviors are language depends on how you define “language.” 39 39 Thinking About Animal Thinking Anthropomorphism: • The tendency to falsely attribute human qualities to nonhuman beings. Anthropocentrism: • The tendency to think, mistakenly, that human beings have nothing in common with other animals. •http://www.skepdic.com/refuge/ctlessons/lesson3.html [answer to the card question above] 40 40 Questions?? 41 41...
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