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The american south and question some western regions

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Unformatted text preview: he U.S. The South derive ultimately from economic causes: – They occur in cultures whose economies were They originally based on herding rather than agriculture. 30 30 Why? Agriculture = cooperative strategies for survival Agriculture Herders = vulnerable; their livelihoods can be Herders lost in an instant by the theft of their animals lost – To reduce the likelihood of theft, herders are To hyperalert to any threatening act and respond to it immediately with force. immediately Hanging of cattle rustlers in the Wild West 31 31 Why? Emphasis on aggressiveness and vigilance Emphasis in herding cultures: in – fosters a culture of honor, in which even fosters apparently small disputes and trivial insults put a man's reputation for toughness on the line man's – this requires him to respond with violence to this restore his status 32 32 Why? Although the herding economy has become less Although important in the South and Western US, the legacy of its culture of honor remains. These regions have higher rates of honor-related These homicides (such as murder to avenge a perceived insult to one's honor) insult 33 33 The Inner Experience The Humanist Psychology A psychological approach that emphasizes – personal growth and personal – the achievement of human potential the Rather than the scientific understanding and Rather assessment of behavior assessment 35 35 Humanist Psychology - Theories Rogers (1961) – We all need We unconditional positive regard to become fully regard functioning people functioning – Unconditional = not Unconditional dependent on doing what society tells us to do do 36 36 Humanist Psychology - Theories May (1958) – The world is harsh The – We can make the best We of ourselves by using inner resources of love and courage and Maslow – hierarchy of Maslow needs needs 37 37 Humanist Ψ Theories - Issues Humanist Like Psychodynamic Theories, they are Like untestable (not falsifiable) untestable – Hard to operationally define What does self-actualization look like? What does unconditional positive regard look like? But it has made psychologists focus more on But what makes us happy rather than what makes us Unhappy us Hence, Positive Hence, Psychology was born was 38 38 Questions? Questions? 39 39...
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