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Unformatted text preview: edule an exam. Out- of- Class Writing Assignments (400 points) Writing assignments are designed to assess comprehension of assigned material, recognition of patterns or themes in American mass media history, and reflection on the economic, social, political, or cultural factors likely to influence the development of mass media in America. The first paper is worth 150 points. The final written assignment, a research project, is worth 250 points. For this project, each student must turn in a one- page proposal that explains what primary sources will be used, what aspect of mass communication the project will address, and why the topic is significant in connection with American mass media history. After the proposal is approved, each student must submit a three to five - page draft for feedback (worth up to 50 points). The final version (worth up to 200 points) must be a significant revision that incorporates the instructor’s feedback. The draft and final version will be graded based on the quality of its research, presentation, writing, and organization as well as on contextualization of the subject in terms of at least one significant period in American mass media history. All written assignments must be submitted via Moodle. They will be run through Turn- It- In software, which will check each assignment for originality and plagiarism. Oral Presentation (100 points) Each student will deliver a 10- minute oral presentation during class time during the second half of the semester. The oral presentation will be delivered as a narrative that synthesizes your findings from your unique research that uses at least one primary source and at least two secondary sources other than the course textbook. The presentation also must incorporate examples from the research and use technology, such as PowerPoint software, to layout main points for the presentation, present at least one strong block quotation, and show at least one image or video. Participation and Attendance (100 points) Participation is a valuable instrument through which we will explore how American mass media history has changed or not changed over time, how American mass media have been influenced by transformations in internal and external conditions, and how...
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