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The final exam will be completed between

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Unformatted text preview: mass media have influenced transformations in American society. Class time will include discussion on specific topics likely to be incorporated into exams and assignments. Participation grades are based on each student’s active contribution to class discussions and completion of in- class assignments. Students must regularly engage in discussions and complete exercises in a manner that demonstrates reflection on course material. Grades will be calculated during the final week of the semester. 6 Participation requires students to be present in class. In the professional world, workers receive a specific number of days when they are not penalized for being unable to work, thus each student will be provided with three class periods during which you may choose not to participate in discussion or class assignments. The total earned participation points will be reduced by 10 points for each subsequent class period (5, 6, etc.) in which a student does not participate. The participation grade will not be lowered when a student is absent for a reason excused according to University policies as long as the professor receives appropriate documentation within one week of the absence. You are expected to attend each class. You are responsible for class participation and completion of assignments. Makeup work will only be allowed if the absence is for a documented reason listed in University Policy PS- 22. You are responsible for learning about missed material. Questions or Concerns about a Grade: The professor will be happy to answer questions about how you are doing in the class. That said, if you have any questions or concerns about a grade assigned for a paper or exam, you must contact the professor and schedule a time to meet within one week of receiving a grade and feedback. General Overview of Writing Assignments Each writing assignment is designed to reflect your mastery of course outcomes for MC 4095. Each was developed to assess your ability to think critically about mass media, historical events, historical actors, and external factors that may have influenced the development of mass media. Each should demonstrate your logical analysis of mass media history and American history and application of assigned course readings ma...
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