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Unformatted text preview: he Media in America Paper 2 due Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Holiday Week 15 Dec. 3 Contemporary Media Read Chapter 25 in The Media in America Oral Presentations Dec. 5 Contemporary Media Concentrated Study Period Week 16 Dec. 10 3- 5 p.m. Final Exam As a reminder, the final date for dropping courses without receiving a “W” is Wednesday, Sept. 4. The final date for adding courses is Sept. 5. For more information, see the official LSU 2013- 2014 Academic Calendar. The Media and Reform The Media and National Crises Modern Advertising Fall Holiday Congress to Campus Event 10 Manship School of Mass Communication WRITING ESSENTIALS Writing skills are essential for all of our students, and writing is a skill to be developed in all courses offered in the Manship School of Mass Communication. Manship faculty will evaluate student writing with consideration for these fundamental writing concepts. WORD CHOICE ACTIVE/PASSIVE VOICE ANTECEDENT/ PRONOUN AGREEMENT PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION The following words are often confused or misused in writing. Make sure you understand the difference: • • • • • • • accept, except a lot all right affect, effect among, between anxious, eager because, since • • • • • • • due to, because of farther, further fewer, less its, it’s media (plural), medium (singular) principal, principle stationary, stationery English sentences have three basic elements: a subject, a verb, and an object. In active voice sentences, the verb is the action element of the sentence, the subject is the "doer" of the action, and the object is the recipient of the action. In passive voice sentences, the subject is not "doer" of the action; the object becomes the "doer" of the action. These sentences flip- flop the subject and the object. In general, active voice sentences are preferred because they focus the reader's attention on the "doer of the action.” Active voice is also more concise because it usually involves fewer words. Although there are situations where passive voice is proper, reliance on passive voice produces a cumbersome text. A pronoun usually refers to something earlier in the text (its antecedent) and must agree in...
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