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Unformatted text preview: lity Services. That office provides disability management counseling and advocacy for students with documented disabilities. ODS also provides students with disabilities with note takers, communication assistants, readers, sign language interpreters, computerized support assistance and advising on campus accessibility. For more information, please visit Your professor will be happy to provide the academic accommodations described in an official letter from ODS after she receives that letter. Please plan and prepare to have examinations given pursuant to a request for special accommodations administered at the Office of Student Disability Services. Academic Dishonesty As mass communication professionals and scholars, our integrity is vital to our field. Plagiarism, cheating and collusion are a few serious forms of academic dishonesty that undermine integrity. The Student Code for Academic Misconduct allows any such act to be punished by failure on an exam, quiz, paper or assignment; failure in the course; and/or expulsion from LSU. The university requires any suspected instance of academic dishonesty to be reported to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability. If you have concerns about whether specific conduct might be considered academic dishonesty, please, ask Dr. Coyle before you act. All graded written assignments will be run through Turn- It- In software. Turn- It- In is designed to recognize writing that includes combinations of words or passages that are not considered original because they are too similar to writing by published authors or submitted to the program by students. Plagiarism Plagiarism is the presentation of another’s ideas or writing, either verbatim or in substance, as your own without properly acknowledging the other’s work. A lack of proper acknowledgment occurs when citation is missing or not correct. Plagiarism can result from reliance on materials found online, read in printed materials, heard in lectures, or copied from other sources. For example, using exact phrases from course slides or assigned readings without using quotation marks and proper source citation will be considered plagiarism. LSU requires the instructor to submit a report to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability even whe...
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