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Sense of present day issues in mass

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Unformatted text preview: s well as the impact that events not directly related to the media have had on media development. Course Expectations This section of MC 4095 emphasizes development of critical thinking, high- quality writing, clear explanations of historical events and occurrences, as well as sound research skills. It is important to think about the material conceptually, cumulatively, and in terms of its impact on past, present, and future communicators. Exams and assignments are designed to require college students to think critically as well as to demonstrate familiarity with current and past units from this course in preparation for your futures as mass communication professionals. Because you are preparing to be professionals, you are expected to demonstrate professional conduct in MC 4095. For example, professionals must clearly and cordially communicate with others, demonstrate respect for their peers, complete assignments prior to deadline, meet their obligations, provide concise presentations, and effectively manage their use of time. Professionals also follow guidelines, including style requirements, for assignments. Thus, your work must incorporate the Manship Writing Essentials. 2 Communication- Intensive (C- I) Course This is a certified Communication- Intensive (C- I) course which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum program, including ▪ instruction and assignments emphasizing informal and formal writing and speaking; ▪ teaching of discipline- specific communication techniques; ▪ use of draft- feedback- revision process for learning; ▪ practice of ethical and professional work standards; ▪ 40% of the course grade rooted in communication- based work; and ▪ a student/faculty ratio no greater than 35:1. Students interested in pursuing the LSU Distinguished Communicators certification may use this C- I course for credit. For more information about this student recognition program, visit Historians’ Primary Goal In The Media in America, Wm. David Sloan states that the primary goal of historians is to “explain the past truthfully” (p. xi). In our attempt to provide an accurate understanding of the past and present, historians synthesize information from numerous sources. Those include books, letters, stories, journals, interview...
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