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Unformatted text preview: must include the name of the author or name of the case and the page number on which you found the material. Any suspected use of cheating or plagiarism will be reported to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability. Grading Grading Scale 90- 100 = A 80 – 89.999 = B 70 - 79.999 = C 60 - 69.999 = D 59.999 or lower = F How Your Final Grades Are Calculated: Your final grade in this course will be determined by calculating the percentage of the 1,000 maximum- possible points that you have earned this semester. Although Moodle might round your grade, the grade reflected on Moodle will not be considered your final grade. The professor calculates your official course grade in Microsoft Excel, which is far more powerful than the Moodle gradebook. The Excel calculations will not round an exam, paper, class participation, or a final course grade up or down by more than .0001. Your final grade be will be determined by 1) adding the total points you earn by completing quizzes, exams, papers, and class participation and 2) dividing that number by 1,000. You may monitor your grade by assessing the percentage of total points you have earned on the aforementioned components of the course grade. The total points that may be earned for each assignment and exam are listed in the syllabus. Your final grade will be based on the precise number of points you earned. The final course grade will not be based on a curve. The final course grade will not be rounded by more than .0001. 5 Grading Will be Based on Two Exams, Three Writing Assignments, an Oral Presentation, and Participation: Exams (400 points) Students in MC 4095 will complete two exams. Each exam (worth 20 percent of the final course grade) will assess students’ understanding of course material, synthesis of information about key events and actors in American mass media history, and critical examination of information. Students will complete the midterm exam during our scheduled class period on Oct. 10. The final exam will be completed between 3 and 5 p.m. Dec. 10. University policies will be followed regarding any request to resch...
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