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Unformatted text preview: famous people and institutions credited with developing journalism, public relations, advertising, and political communications. As we explore typical timelines for media history, we will address people, institutions, and fields that have yet to receive recognition. Those critical studies of history also will challenge us to question and to recognize methods and assumptions that no longer make sense. Those findings, in turn, will help us recognize pages of history that deserve to be reexamined or rewritten. 1 Course Objectives MC 4095 provides an understanding of and appreciation for the history of American mass media. Students will examine mass media development from America’s colonial period, and the context preceding it, to the present by concentrating on events, persons, artifacts, public policies, and technologies associated with that development. Students also will examine American mass media’s integral role in the events of general American history and the manner by which the media have portrayed and perhaps shaped that history. Upon completion of American Media History, students should: 1. Understand the historical development of American media as a social, cultural, political, and economic institution. 2. Understand the relationship between mass communication and long- term social and cultural transformations. 3. Understand the development of media- related professions, practices, and technologies. 4. Understand how the United States’ diverse populations have shaped its media industries and cultures. 5. Develop an appreciation for how historical thinking can help us make sense of present- day issues in mass media and society. Course Learning Outcomes MC 4095 is designed for students to: 1. Develop your understanding of the significance of media history to the development of the American media industry. 2. Understand contributions that media- connected persons, organizations, and events have made to the origins and evolution of American media industry practices. 3. Develop your recognition of the role of public policy practices and decisions in the development of American media. 4. Examine the impact that American media have had on the history of this nation a...
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