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Diabetes Mellitus And Cognition In Nursing Homes 6 References Perlmuter, L. C. (December 5, 1984). Decreased cognitive function in aging non-insulin- depentant diabetic patients. PubMed , 8 (1043). Retrieved March 1, 2008, from google. Ryan, C. M. (December 26, 2005). Diabetes, aging and cognitive decline. Pubmed , 5 (16213627). Retrieved March 1, 2008, from
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Unformatted text preview: google. Simon, C. M. (October 25, 1995). Diabetes and Cognitive Impairment: A community-based Study of Elderly Subjects. Age and Ageing: Oxford Journals , 24.5 , 421-424. Retrieved March 1, 2008, from google....
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