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Business Worldview

Are made in gods image so we treat them accordingly we

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Unformatted text preview: we treat them accordingly. We allow them to give insight into decisions being made, and we participate with their personal and professional development on the job. We are humble in our leadership and seek to serve others rather than seeking to be served. We also realize that everyone has the potential to be sinful, so we don’t play favorites and we walk through Biblical conflict resolution in a manner that deals with issues openly and directly, focusing on the dispute itself rather than on personal vendettas, name-calling, gossip, or slander. • As leaders, we seek to look towards the future, and we motivate followers through covenantal behaviors like active dialogue, mutual accountability and participative decision making as we create and articulate the organizational vision. PRIMARY FUNCTIONS OF BUSINESS Product Development and Marketing: we seek a holistic approach to marketing. We reject marketing hype that misleads customers, and internally, when making marketing decisions, we engage all relevant employees—including the sales staff, product development team, marketing staff, etc. in a covenantal, holistic solution which leads to the best designed and marketed products and services. Operations Materials Management/Supply Chain Management: we recognize that we were called by God to “take dominion” of our business processes, which means that we should be diligent to ensure that our businesses processes are efficient and effective. But in doing so, we never put efficiency above effectiveness—the moment our processes sacrifice customer and employee care in the name of increased profit and efficiency is the moment that we need to make changes. SECONDARY FUNCTIONS OF BUSINESS IT: Information Technology is used to improve business productivity, but IT solutions are made in a way that engages employee feedback so that solutions work well when implemented. Human Resources: • • • • We seek to ensure that everything we do is above the board ethically and in keeping with legal requirements. We avoid ethical gray areas. We also seek to deploy training programs and support services that truly care for and develop employees. Ideas like flextime, work-life balance policies, and equitable pay are all incorporated. Our conflict resolution strategies and our performance evaluation processes let employees know exactly where they stand and provide employees with clear, constructive points of feedback for improvement, in keeping with covenantal principles and the model of conflict resolution articulated in Matthew 18. We avoid vendettas and favoritism. But we also ensure that problem employees are dealt with in a manner that protects the company and keeps productive, motivated employees engaged. Because we recognize that humans are made in God’s image, we don’t treat employees like worker drones—we discourage workaholicism, and we view business as just one part of life and our act of worship to God: family, church and community involvement...
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