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From god romans 13 we also believe that only god can

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Unformatted text preview: e also believe that only God can change the heart of man. Government must not encourage greed, favoritism, or class envy; nor should it encourage the illicit alliances mentioned above. • • In fact, a covenantal approach requires a view of sphere sovereignty, where no one institution in society has all of the power or too much power. Individuals and families are protected from exploitation when businesses, government, nonprofit organizations, churches, etc. all share power with one another and are accountable to one another in their respective spheres of authority and responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility: On a related note, we recognize that we are in covenant with our employees, customers and communities, so within the confines of making a profit, we seek to care for our environment and our communities. Globalization & International Business: • • • • • • • We live in a changing world in which globalization has increased economic activities among nations. It is an uneven force which has lead to outsourcing in some nations like America and increased prosperity for many third world nations. In this process of change, we reject the notion that nations must explicitly rely on tariffs and favoritism to protect their domestic businesses because this stifles the freedom and rights of the consumers. This can lead to a difficult time of adjustment as nations like America seek to recalibrate their business focus, but fair competition leads to the best products and services being produced at the most reasonable price for the people, and it forces businesses and nations as a whole to do what they are best at in the global economy. Tariffs and other protective measures, on the other hand, may help domestic businesses in the short term but only end up hurting the entire economy in the long term. Businesses seeking to operate in the international arena must abide by Biblical truth rather than seeking to manipulate international law or rely on bribery to establish new business relationships. Businesses must also avoid exploiting workers and the environment in the countries in which they operate. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT We define leadership as the ability to influence others for God’s glory and for their good. This can be done in a variety of organizational and interpersonal contexts. We reject the notion that leadership is defined by position, prestige or the trappings of power. Rather, we seek the leadership embodied by Christ, who in perfectly obeying the Father, laid his life down as the ultimate sacrifice and served others. As such, Christ is the ultimate example of leadership in general and servant leadership in particular. We believe that while Christ is an excellent example of leadership, he is also more than that. As Lord and Savior he can free our hearts from the prideful desires for power, control, and greed, so that we can truly serve others we lead. As leaders, we realize that people are made in God’s image, so...
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