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Midterm studysheet - General inforamtion about documentation Lots of question on pain know the info from class and in the chapter Lots of questions

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For the exam you should be very familiar with the following: Temp, BP, Pulse, resp and pulse ox, techniques, normal ranges and terminology. Strong emphasis on BP There will be a few questions on basic nursing skills and body mechanics and activities of daily living. The purpose of a health history, types of data subjective and objective. The four techniques for assesment (these are mentioned in every systems chapter but there is a summary on page 134-136 which is very helpful. Definition and components of general survey. A couple on culture and spiritual considerations which you should get if you review the information (don't memorize details).
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Unformatted text preview: General inforamtion about documentation. Lots of question on pain- know the info from class and in the chapter. Lots of questions on skin, for this section you need to memorize details such as characteristics of different lessions. Info on skin cancer and moles. one question on neck know the basic anatomy of the eyes, common tests and how eyes are assessed. Know the basics of ears normal findings and common tests. This info should help you prepare and focus. You do not need to know diseases. You need to know norms and abnormals of systems. Class materials and readings are important....
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