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Microbiology Lab. Quiz, Exercise 24 1. What is meant by the term enteric organisms ? They can frequently cause infections of which part of the body ? 2. Name two enteric bacteria that ferment lactose and two that do not (Genus). Why is it helpful to determine whether or not lactose fermentation occurs ? 3. What is the meaning of the term fermentation ? What are the most likely products of fermentation when the methyl red test is positive ? when it is negative ? Name one organism that would give a positive test and one organism that would give a negative test (Genus). 4. The Voges-Proskauer test is testing for the presence of which product of fermentation ? Describe a positive reaction. 5. What does a positive Indole test tell you about the organism ? Name the reagent that is used in this test and describe a positive test. 6. Uninoculated Simmons citrate agar is green. Describe a positive reaction and what it means ? 7. In lab. you will use broth rather than agar containing urea, but otherwise the test will
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Unformatted text preview: be the same. This is used to distinguish which enteric bacteria genus ? What can we say about an organism that produces a positive reaction ? Describe the positive reaction. 8. How are organisms inoculated into a tube of agar when the purpose is to determine if the bacteria are motile ? The media that will be used in lab. does not contain tetrazolium. How do you think motility will be determined ? 9. What type of organisms will grow on MacConkey Agar. What other information can be obtained about these organisms ? Name one organism that would grow. EMB agar selects for the same type of organism. What do the initials stand for ? 10. Define coliform and give one example. 11. The production of acid and/or gas when bacteria are grown in the presence of a single specific sugar can be used to distinguish certain species. Which gases may be produced and how are they detected ? How is the presence of acid detected ? How is growth determined ?...
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