HADM2410-Chun-Syllabus-2013 Fall


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Unformatted text preview: xperience you will have. We will use a variety of learning tools, including the textbook, lectures, discussion, in‐class exercises, article readings, case study, multi‐media presentations, and a marketing analysis project. Readings. The textbook and the additional readings are considered an integral partof the course and you will be held responsible for the readings prior to the class. Many important concepts will be consolidated and extended with real‐world examples to help deepen your understanding of them. I will make available to you my lecture presentations but remember that they are not a substitute for reading the textbook. iClicker. We will also use clickers to facilitate in‐class discussions throughout the semester. Please following the instructions below to get your iClicker registered in the first week of class. Since your clicker participation will be counted as part of class participation, make sure you bring “your” iClicker to each class. To register your i>clicker if using Blackboard: Login to Blackboard at http://blackboard.cornell.edu Under your list of “My Courses” click on the name of the course using i>clickers. Click on the “Tools” button in your Course Menu. Click on “i>clicker Remote Registration”. Type in the i>clicker Remote ID on the back of your clicker. Click Submit. NOTE: Registering your clicker for one Blackboard course will automatically register your clicker for ALL Blackboard courses each semester. Also, please do not register i>clickers at the iclicker.com site. If you cannot read the clicker ID, to find your i>clicker ID #: Please stop in to one of these locations with your clicker: ‐ Carpenter Hall Reading Room (1st floor) between 9:00am – Noon, Monday – Friday 2 ‐ Uris Library Tower Room between 9:00am – Noon, Monday – Friday ‐ the Academic Technology Center, 124 Computing & Communications Center building (on the Ag Quad, next to Bailey Hall), between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday and one of the staff can confirm your i>clicker ID #. Once it has been confirmed, please write it on a small piece of paper and place it inside the battery compartment. COURSE POLICIES 1) You are responsible for all readings and written assignments described in this syllabus or announced in class. Any changes to the syllabus and assignment due dates will be announced in class, via email, and/or on Bb. 2) Please avoid distractions in the classroom. Using a laptop in class is highly not encouraged but allowed only for note‐taking. Remember that your activities with a computer (e.g., browsing the Internet or checking emails) can distract other students. Your cellular phone: Multi‐tasking has been shown to be counter‐productive for learning. You’re not permitted to use your cell phone for calling, text messaging, or for any sort of instant messaging during class. The only material you should have in front of you is reading concerned with the class. Reading of any other material, such as newspapers or magazines, or doing work from another class, is not acceptable. Failure to observe these common courtesies will be reflected in a reduced class‐ contributio...
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