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Unformatted text preview: g or watching. Add brief summary or your views on the article or the ad to your link. Your contribution to our blog will take our active learning beyond the classroom. Take advantage of outside‐class contribution tools especially if you are too shy to speak up in class! Marketing Analysis Final Team Project 20% To give you the opportunity to apply marketing concepts and analytic tools, you will need to (1) pick a firm/brand in the hospitality, tourism, or service industry and (2) evaluate the firm/brand’s marketing strategy. The detailed guidelines and expectations are outlined in separate documents (refer to “Marketing Analysis Project Outline” and “Marketing Analysis Project Checklist” posted on Blackboard). Evaluation of each element of marketing strategy coincides with topics we will cover in class, so the project is an excellent way to apply to practice what we are studying. Students in the past have really enjoyed the process of applying class and book information to an actual firm. You can choose a classmate to become members of a two‐person team. 4 Exams Three Exams 20% Each There will be three scheduled, in‐class exams (multiple choice and short answer format) that focus on your conceptual understanding of class material: readings, lectures, exercises, discussions, cases, etc. Important for the exams is your ability to integrate concepts across the course—to see the “big picture.” However, you will also be evaluated on how well you apply and explain specific models, theories, concepts, research findings, etc. to tackle problems presented to you. Extra Credit: Research Participation TBA Throughout the semester, you will be asked to participate in a couple of research sessions for extra credits. More specific information will be provided as opportunities come up. 5 PROJECTED CLASS SCHEDULE FALL 2013 Please note that this is a tentative class schedule – it may change in the course of the semester (depending on the length of class discussions). You are responsible for any changes announced in class or posted on Blackboard. TOPIC DAY READING/ ACTIVITIES 8/28 (Wed) Introduction to the Course We will review the syllabus and discuss why we study marketing. 9/2 (Mon) LABOR DAY 9/4 (Wed) Introduction to Marketing Management for Hospitality We introduce core concepts of marketing, the marketing process, and marketing management philosophies. Read KBM Ch. 1 In‐class Activity: Build a Better Mousetrap 9/9 (Mon) Differences in Goods vs. Services Marketing We discuss the dimensions of service products and marketing and examine challenges for service marketing management. Read KBM Ch. 2 In‐class Activity: Zappos on CBS 9/11 (Wed) Competitive Strategy and Marketing We look at concepts related to competitive strategy, SWOT analysis, and market growth strategies. Read KBM Ch. 3 In‐class Activity: Dunkin Donut vs. Starbucks 9/16 (Mon) Environment Scanning: The Marketing Environment We study the forces in the marketing environment that may affect the firm and how to monitor or manage them. Read KBM Ch. 4 Read ‘A Diamond is Forever: “Raise Your Right Hand’ Effie Awards Case Study (Review) 9/18 (Wed) The Marketing Enviro...
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