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Unformatted text preview: nment (Cont.) Read KBM Ch. 4 9/23 (Mon) Marketing Research We look at marketing information sources in the hospitality industry and overview the marketing research process/research methods. Read KBM Ch. 5 Read ‘Got Milk Case’ In‐class Activity: Coke vs. Pepsi 9/25 (Wed) Marketing Research (Cont.) Read KBM Ch. 5 Read ‘Science of Desire’ (BusinessWeek article on Ethnographical marketing research) 9/30 (Mon) EXAM 1 10/2 (Wed) Consumer Behavior We overview the many influences on consumer behavior for hospitality products and services. Read KBM Ch. 6 In‐class Activity: The Hotel Inspector‐ Sparkles Episode 10/7 (Mon) Consumer Behavior (Cont.) We study the nature of consumer choice and how Read KBM Ch. 6 Read the syllabus 6 hospitality marketers seek to influence the choice process. 10/9 (Wed) Market Segmentation We study the market‐segmentation process and segmentation bases. 10/14 (Mon) FALL BREAK 10/16 (Wed) Market Targeting and Positioning We examine how to assess target markets and discuss the role of positioning strategies in shaping the 4Ps. Read KBM Ch. 8 Read Cumberland Holiday Inn Case 10/21 (Mon) The New Product/Service Design Process We analyze the product lifecycle and different processes for planning new products vs. new services. Read KBM Ch. 9 In‐class Activity: IDEO on ABC News 10/23 (Wed) The New Product/Service Design Process (Cont.) Read KBM Ch. 9 Read ‘the Power of the Design’ (BusinessWeek article on IDEO) 10/28 (Mon) Branding and Brand Management We focus on branding decisions and strategies (and rebranding) as core aspects of hospitality product strategy. Read KBM Ch. 9 In‐Class Activity: a mini‐case on Las Vegas In‐Class Activity: The Hotel Inspector‐ Weyanoke Episode (Rebranding) 10/30 (Wed) Branding and Brand Management (Cont.) We will review Guthrie branding workshop on brand personality and image. Read KBM Ch. 9 In‐Class Activity: The Hotel Inspector‐ Weyanoke Revisited Episode (Rebranding) In‐Class Activity: Guthrie Branding 11/4 (Mon) EXAM 2 11/6 (Wed) Pricing Decisions We explore pricing objectives, factors that influence pricing decisions, and legal issues associated with price. Read KBM Ch. 11 11/11 (Mon) Pricing Strategies We overview strategies, such as price bundling, promotional pricing, and yield management. Read KBM Ch. 11 11/13 (Wed) Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Overview How do hospitality firms communicate the brand promise to counter intangibility? We study IMC tools. Read KBM Ch. 13 11/18 (Mon) IMC: Advertising, PR, and Sales Promotion We examine advertising, public relations and sales promotions tools, and investigate how and when each is appropriate. Read KBM Ch. 14 Read “Burger King: Promoting a Food Fight” and “Long Live the King” In‐class Activity: CP+B’s Burger King Read KBM Ch. 8 Take the VALS survey online 7 Promotion Strategies and the future of Burger King 11/20 (Wed) IMC: The Future We explore the emergence of new media and methods, such as social media, buzz marketing, blogging, online direct, viral video, and more. Read KBM Ch. 16 Due: Marketing Final Paper 11/25 (Mon) Guest Speaker 11/27 (Wed) THANKSGIVING RECESS 12/2 (Mon) Customer Satisfaction, Service Failure, Recovery, and Loyalty We examine service quality, service recovery strategies and the importance of profitable, loyal customers. 12/4 (Wed) Review Session 12/19 (Thur) Exam 3 (Final Exam) (9:00 am – 11:30 am) In‐class Activity: JetBlue Service Recovery 8...
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