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tp workscited - Panofsky Erwin Meaning in the Visual Art...

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Parnell 7 Works Cited Berman, Lawrence M., and Kenneth J. Bohac. Catalogue of Egyptian Art . Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1999. Folio N5 335.C63 C64 1999 Michalowski, Kazimierz. Art of Ancient Egypt . New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1996. Folio N 5350.M61424
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Unformatted text preview: Panofsky, Erwin. Meaning in the Visual Art: papers in and on art history . : Doubleday, 1955. Online books from library Peter, Dorman F. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art . New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987. Folio N 5345.M48 1987...
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