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- 1 - Jessica Parnell September 20, 2006 Art History #10 Assignment #1 Visual Analysis There are many aspects of the Quick center that make it an original work of art such as the outside architecture which is the first aspect you notice when approaching the building. The inside architecture also contributes to the art of the building by bringing a warm welcoming as well as a comfortable setting to view various performances. Also, the landscape and surrounding vegetation add a lot of color, texture and mood to the architecture of the Quick center. The Building itself is flat, it has no roof but it has two floors. The building is made out of red and tan tones of brick. An octagon shape is observed from the front walkway through the parking lot, but as you walk around the building you can see that there are really only 7 sides to the structure. While walking towards the building, you are greeted by the black lettering on the front of the building that states ”Regina A. Quick Center for The Arts”, there are two brick pillars coming down
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VisualAnalysis#1 - -1Jessica Parnell Art History #10...

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