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reflectionP - can affect the foods that are consumed...

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Parnell 3 Jessica Parnell Chemistry 84 Dr Reilly-Weidow December 4, 2006 Eating Habits Reflection In this assignment where it was required to record one’s eating habits for three days along with the nutrition  facts of the consumed food.  Also, it was required to find out what these foods are made of and draw their chemical  structures.  Doing this has brought about the importance of a balanced diet.  Similar to most college students who have a  very busy academic and athletic schedule; one could find it hard to eat in balance.  I do not eat enough vegetables.  It can  be hard to get vegetables and keep them fresh with such small refrigerators.   Often times, I have lacrosse practice early in the morning and continue to class right after, without having time  to eat breakfast or at least sneak in a snack.  Not eating breakfast can have a large impact on one’s energy levels and also 
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Unformatted text preview: can affect the foods that are consumed throughout the rest of the day. It will make one more hungry for the rest of the day and it will also effect how the body breaks down the food that is consumed throughout the day. When I went home for thanksgiving break, I noticed a great difference in my diet which brought about a difference in how I felt. Eating a well balanced diet made me feel much healthier and increased my energy levels. At my house, there is always a fridge full of fruits and vegetables which makes consumption less inconsistent. I have always been taught that eating a balanced diet is crucial to a balanced life, which was reiterated in this project....
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