Some may be marked as practice problems and will not

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Unformatted text preview: e of the problems in Elby before attempting each week’s homework assignment. This is a recommended text. Homework: Working on homework problems is central to your learning the course material. You will have a weekly problem set of approximately 10 problems of varying difficulty. The solutions to these problems will go up on the website one week after the assignment is posted. The problems will be taken from Giancoli and will be assigned through MasteringPhysics ( Most of these problems will need to be completed and submitted by the posted deadlines. Some may be marked as practice problems and will not need to be handed in, but you should do them! One problem on each Midterm examination will be taken directly from these homework sets (though the numbers appearing in the problems might be different). This means that about 20% of the exam grade will be directly from the homework! Also, the quizzes that will be done in section will be taken directly from the homework. It is strongly recommended that you work t...
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