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Ben Calvert 02/12/2008 Outline for essay #1 Thesis: In the beginning of American history there are many different themes that tie all the people and events that took place together. Each one played a major role in making America what it is today. Three important themes that played a major role in the beginning of America are adaptation, cultural retention, and the importance of space. These three themes all have an important role and each say something about early
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Unformatted text preview: American history. Body Paragraph 1 - Adaptation: How adaptation adds to the theme of American History Body Paragraph 2 – Cultural retention: How different cultures got a long in the beginning of American history and how it adds to what early American history is. Body Paragraph 3 – Importance of space: How the settlers shared the land with the Indians and how it adds to the importance of American history. Conclusion...
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