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Social Embeddedness Reflection 1. How is social embeddedness different from community service? Community service is where someone just gives back to the community. In social embeddedness someone gives back to the community and community gives back to them so both parties are happy. 2. What community issues are important to you as a student? To me some of the community issues here at ASU are important to me. I am concerned that ASU is growing too big and becoming education for the masses and loosing the small college tradition that we have. It seems that
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Unformatted text preview: every year that passes ASU looses the feeling of being a college and it sounds like this is going to continue with the banning of tailgating and the destruction of the Greek houses that ASU has. I am also concerned about issues in phoenix like trying to enrich science programs in phoenix schools. Science is an important subject to learn but many schools around this area lack the funding to provide a good science education. ASU 101: The ASU Experience Arizona State University...
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