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schedule --ENV ECON

6 measuring benefits revealed preferences mendelsohn

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Unformatted text preview: February; and Replies. [EOE] BH 14 and 15 Lee. Second Thoughts on a Chemical: In Water, How Much Is Too Much? The New York Times, March 2, 2004. “The price of prudence,” The Economist , January 24, 2004. 6 Measuring benefits - revealed preferences Mendelsohn and Olmstead (2009) The Economic Valuation of Environmental Amenities and Disamenities: Methods and Applications. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 34. Viscusi (2000) The Value of Life in Legal Contexts: Survey and Critique. American Law and Economic Review, 2. [EOE] Ec 30 Schedule Spring 2012 BH 5 7 Measuring benefits - stated preferences Portney (1994) The Contingent Valuation Debate: Why Economists BH 6 and 7 Should Care. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 8. [EOE] Problem Set 1 due "Pricing the Pr...
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