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American economic review 642 bh 16 problem set 3 due

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Unformatted text preview: . A stress test for good intentions, The Economist , May 16, 2009. 14 15 MIDTERM Introduction to natural resources 16 Renewable natural resources Scott (1999) Introducing property into fishery management. FAO (pages 1- 13) BH 17 Costello et al. (2008) Can Catch Shares Prevent Fisheries Collapse? Science, 321. 17 Land and Agriculture Angelsen (2010) Policies for reduced deforestation and their impact on agricultural production. PNAS, 107. Tietenberg 11 (on Trunk) Problem Set 3 posted Sedjo and Simpson (2007) Land Use: Forestry, Agriculture and Biodiversity Competition, inHandbook of Agricultural Economics Volume 3. 18 Water Schoengold and Zilberman (2007) The Economics of Water, Tietenberg 10 Irrigation and Development, Handbook of Agricultural Economics, (on Trunk) Volume 3 19 Non- renewable resources So...
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