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Journal of policy analysis and management 192 bh 8 and

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Unformatted text preview: iceless", The Economist, June 2, 2011. ** Hanemann (1994) Valuing the Environment through Contingent Valuation. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 8. [EOE] ** Diamond and Hausman (1994) Contingent Valuation: Is Some Number Better than No Number? Journal of Economic Perspectives, 8. [EOE] 8 The costs of environmental regulation Harrington et al. (2000) On the Accuracy of Regulatory Cost Estimates. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 19(2). BH 8 and 9 9 Private solutions to market failures Coase (1960) The Problem of Social Cost. The Journal of Law and Economics , 3. [EOE] BH 11 Depres et al. (2008) Contracting for Environmental Property Rights: The Case of Vittel. Economica, 75. 10 Government solutions - Command and control Problem Set 2 posted 11 Government solution - MBIs: Taxes and quotas Portney and...
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